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DoubutsuOu: Ageha by yukihomu DoubutsuOu: Ageha by yukihomu
sorrryyyyyyy  I'mmmmmllllaaaateeeeeeeeee?!!/??/

    Name: Kuranuki, Ageha (倉貫鳳羽)
    Nickname: Kura, Kurage, Doctor
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 81kg
    Gang: ♕ The Pandas

    Strengths - Weaknesses:

    [+] information retention
    [+] keen eye
    [+] imperturbable demeanour
    [+] unpredictability
    [+] quick learning

    [-] disinterest in social relations
    [-] information > safety
    [-] selfish egomaniac
    [-] tactless speech
    [-] shamelessly utilitarian


    Main: industrial steel nails - kept hidden and lined along many of his clothes and belongings. Used either in pseudo-claw style fighting or in throwing.
    Alt: surgical scalpels - used in a similar way to his  plentiful nails, but are saved for ... heftier fights.


    A scholar and douchebag, Ageha is always studying and observing others at meticulous detail. His love of information and analysis is obvious even in his interactions with others, often prying into personal conversation or belongings. He feels compelled to constantly be educated, perhaps not so much in educating others.

    Despite his major, he isn't steered quite in the right direction morally. He doesn't care to consider ethics when scamming and lying to get his way, ruthless if it lies in his favour. He enjoys nothing more than finding out the weak points of the people he encounters and digging into them deeply, causing harm to others as if it were something trivial.

    Conducts himself as if he were constantly lightly tipsy, preferring to undermine genuine exchanges by perpetually keeping what one might consider a "true face" hidden.

    Likes - Dislikes:

    [+] body horror
    [+] making people uncomfortable
    [+] (making people really uncomfortable) fried foods
    [+] ruining the expectations of others
    [+] adrenaline
    [+] hard liquor

    [-] democracy
    [-] boredom
    [-] naivete
    [-] anything that invokes deeper emotion from him
    [-] stupid people


    As the only child of divorcees, Ageha spent the majority of his childhood at odds with his alcoholic father and out of contact with his flighty mother. Content with making his own choices and supporting himself, the boy grew to be grossly self-motivated. The type to terrorize others given the chance, he was a destructive but intelligent boy.

    Despite having always been an outcast, he encountered real trouble in his freshman year of high school - stepping too far into the affairs of gang delinquents and having his right arm almost crushed. Forced to repeat his freshman year, he toned his behaviour down in favour of a more quiet existence - studying, he managed to enter a medical programme upon graduation.

    Ageha's stumbling upon The Pandas happened mostly by accident -- in his search for outlets for stress and information hogging he came across the developing gang, delinquent roots stirred by their activity. His affinity for reckless competition and blackmail fuels him, playing a venomous information broker suiting his tastes just fine.


    ► A medicine major - dept at first-aid and general medical attention, although it may take some solid persuasion to get his assistance.
    ► Surprisingly resilient, he fights dirty.
    ► Since the injury to his right arm, he's become used to throwing it out as defense without a second thought.
    ► Due to this, it is usually bandaged or hidden.
    ► The nerve damage done is something that will likely affect his future prospects of employment, but he knows that it's too late to withdraw now.
    ► Always takes a swig before a fight.
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