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Empireo: Tate by yukihomu Empireo: Tate by yukihomu
Thank you for the invite, Alex!! ; 7 ; rolls fondly on you


    Name: Tate Hildessohn
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Height/Weight: 5'4"/109lb

    Identity: Steelis
    Sponsor: N/A
    Superpower: Manipulation of metal.

    Tate can control metals with a power similar to psychokinesis - it allows her to move metal objects, bend and manipulate them to a certain extent, or shoot at a top speed of 120km/h. However it takes incredible concentration to move anything at speed, so she prefers to sense and ascertain where metals are in a room instead, or discovering what kind of metals are in a particular area. She is unable to detect trace elements.
    Able to pick locks fairly well, but her powers are more suited to small distributions as trying to use her powers in a place where she is surrounded by all metal can lead to sensory overload.

    Armor/Weapon: double-weighted chain - often kept suspended around her or tucked away as she works, it is used mainly for defense.
    A very lightweight yet durable metal is woven into parts of her suit, mostly on her extremities to enhance her movement and actual physical abilities. It is kept to a minimum to allow her to move quickly and more efficiently - but she is not able to fly or levitate.
    Strength: 3 | Talent: 33 | Vitality: 10 | Speed: 24 | Luck: 30

    Registration Number: N/A
    Occupation: Outbound caller, telemarketer (various)
    Place of Residence: Lower Plate; A fairly tidy single room apartment. She lives on the fifth floor.


    Tate prefers to support people from the sidelines and not stand out above others, a normally gentle person with a mild disposition. She is an obedient daughter and a loving sister, but is perpetually weak-willed and reluctant to speak out. She also has a fairly sure moral compass despite her current night job - but not enough spine to push herself up and onto a better path.

    Her self-esteem is poor at best and if left to herself, can sink into her self-deprecating thoughts - however it only shows sporadically, hidden behind a vapid smile and clumsy actions. Often the source of awkward laughter and uncomfortable chatter, she feels compelled to try and keep everyone happy - even to the point of putting her own needs behind those of others. One to dwell on mistakes or misunderstandings for a long time, she finds it hard to let anything go.

    Bumbling and awkward almost all the time, she often finds herself used as the scapegoat or taking the heat for the sakes of others. She also accepts it, thinking it divine punishment for being born different and yet unable to play the hero and help. A guilty conscience is often what leads her to put herself at risk -- there is a nagging thought, deep inside, that perhaps if she were caught by a hero she may be able to start anew, or perhaps the organization she works for might even put her out of her misery.

    Tate generally looks like she is afraid of everyone and everything, easily set on edge or surprised.


    Born to a small family with an absent father and mother who only worked part time jobs here and there, Tate and her little brother Noah spent much of their childhood in the care of their grandparents. For her, her father's absence was only felt through her mother's mental instability - but was comforted being with her younger sibling and kind grandparents. Although the family had moved to live with them to give their mother some space after their father's ungracious departure, her mother's depression began to gradually worsen and she had turned to gambling by the time Tate reached middle school.

    This was around the time she discovered her powers of psychokinesis, although it was only applicable to metal objects of the like. In a heated argument with her mother, she accidentally used her powers to fling a nearby oven tray and other pots and pans all around the kitchen, one of which struck her mother in the head. Although it was not serious, she felt terribly guilty and found that it had become harder and harder to pull her mother away from her gambling habits. What if she were to lash out again? Rather than speaking out, she curled into a shell of reticence and reluctance, fuelled by her own paranoia and guilt. As she came to rely more and more on her grandparents, Tate made the decision to leave home as soon as she had graduated from high school - not wanting to be a burden on her grandparents or even her mother, she left her brother in their care and moved into her own apartment to work.

    However it wasn't so easy to find a job that would pay - only managing to find part-time work here and there, Tate struggled to make enough money to get by, let alone to send home. Working everything from fast food to hotel cleaning, she struggled day by day to pay the bills. Whether there any use for someone who had an ability to bend and suspend metals - Tate didn't want to know. She had wanted to seal her power away and not touch upon it anymore, lest she do something else she could not take back - but late one night, she found herself caught up in a burglary at the nearby jewellery store. Instead of helping to catch the thieves, in the confusion she wound up assisting them in their escape by using the very powers she was so ashamed of. It was a night she would come to both appreciate and deeply regret, pushing her forward onto a path of crime.

    She became a commissioned thief for a certain --------- organisation, paid to steal and pass on goods only - a bottom chain worker. She knows very little about them, but only the people to whom she is meant to meet and associate with. As stressful as she finds having to put herself out and steal these items, it pays her bills better than anything else - as crime does, unfortunately. She is extremely afraid of the consequences of being punished by the organization if she were to ever turn away from them - but wishes that she had the courage to become a hero or just quit instead.
    Nowadays thinking her skills unsuited for hero work and resigning herself to working for a faceless crime organization, she feels very much lost in where she wants to go and where she is meant to be. More than money, more than hero status, Tate strongly desires to walk a different path for her future - but she is too cowardly and unprepared to change her ways.


    - She seldom sweats, but in turn finds it very hard to cool down in the summer. In similar fashion, her body struggles to retain heat so she often feels cold.
    - When she was 15 she broke her wrist which required a pin put in - she uses the metal in that particular arm to do any hard hitting or throwing.
    - Enjoys tea over coffee.
    - Despite spending much of her life as a thief stealing jewellery and items of that vein, she cares very little for them.
    - She thinks of her power as a rather wretched convenience, so she will avoid using it.
    - Although the above generally applies, she unconsciously uses her power to sense if she has lost her belongings (such as her keys, or phone.)


I've had this done for a while now! * ~ * I thought it was about time to submit it. Sorry that it reads so stiffly!
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