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February 1, 2014
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Illegibilus: Ein by yukihomu Illegibilus: Ein by yukihomu
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p r o f i l e

    Name: Ein Schutzhauer
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 94lb
    Birthday: July 11th
    Nationality (Ethnicity): English, (Austrian)
    House: Hufflepuff
    Year: 5th

p e r s o n a l i t y

    poised ◆ kind ◆ empathetic ◆ delicate ◆ impractical ◆ dependent ◆ impressionable ◆ naive

    Someone who genuinely tries to look out for others and understand where they are coming from, she is a careful listener and compassionate friend.

    Revolving much around being polite and tactful, she is a little awkward in terms of making friends and approaching others; she lacks in both charisma and presence. Ein endeavours to keep her mind open for others but has led quite a sheltered life, lacking knowledge on how to deal with the real world. Prone to looking up to others for guidance, her confidence is a little less than most. As much as she enjoys compliments, she is still unsure of how to accept them.

    Not a particular stand-out at anything whether it be magical prowess or academics, she likewise lacks any desire to stand out, preferring to be part of the crowd.

    More recently, she's been feeling her own shortcomings. Her lack of strength makes for delicate self-esteem and difficulty feeling safe without the support of others -- perhaps it's just teenage naivety, but it's hit her harder than ever that she might just need a thicker skin.

    Likes & Dislikes:

    + dancing, music
    + flying
    + breakfast tea

    - ghosts
    - tight spaces
    - most dogs

b a c k g r o u n d

    Blessed with an uneventful childhood, Ein's roots are in the upper-middle class - since youth her household has always been supportive, loving, both parents kind and cultured people. As a child she was taught to only want for what she needed, taught more humble values in favour of a broader mindset.

    As both parents were Durmstrang alumni, she was also originally intended for the school. However her father disagreed with the school's refusal to admit muggle-born wizards and witches, hoping not to instill in his children the idea that one's blood status could impact on their education or social standing. A few months before her brother was born her father decided to take the family to England so that they could lead a different life, so that his children would be able to attend a school where muggle-borns would not be ostracized from those of purer blood. She has mixed views on Durmstrang Institute due to her father's opinions on the school (although she would be slow to voice them) - a talented wizard himself, he was always a sensitive and thoughtful soul who disagreed strongly with the view that muggle-borns were not entitled to education there. Since making the transfer he has found work at the Ministry of Magic, on the Committee on Experimental Charms. Soon after her mother followed him, an officer in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. As both parents were often busy with work, Ein and her brother Kerim spent much of their time in eachother's company.

    Growing up, Ein found herself to be fairly average in both athletics and academics -- despite an affinity for broomstick flight, she generally chose to prioritize her study (albeit to no great effect). Much like her parents, Ein is quite well read - but found herself relying on book knowledge and shying away from practical experience. Upon entering Hogwarts she hoped to expand her horizons somewhat, aspiring to make some friends outside of her family and learn more about the world.

    The family has since lived in England. Entering her 5th year, Ein feels a little more world-weary than before - the frightening conclusion to her 4th year stays in the back of the mind still, and she worries deeply for the safety of the people close to her.

    (40) Jakob Schutzhauer (Father)
    (37) Emilie Ava Schutzhauer (Mother)
    (13) Kerim Schutzhauer (Brother)

s c h o o l

    Elective Classes:
    Study of Ancient Runes
    Care of Magical Creatures

    Extra Curricular:
    Magical Theory

    Protego! - shield charm, rebounds moderate curses
    Salvio Hexia! - protects an area against jinxes and hexes
    Reparo! - mending charm, used to repair objects
    Tergeo! - siphons and cleans up liquids
    Relashio! - releases something binding, also used as a defensive charm

    Core: unicorn tail hair
    Length: 11 ¼"
    Wood: red oak
    Flexibility: pliant

    A flexible - {pliant, for transfiguring spells} - and steady wand that produces consistent magic. Albeit accomodating and friendly to the user, it is protective and holds its own against offensive magic when used well.

o t h e r

    Pet:  Lorenz

    Species: Black-billed Magpie
    Gender: Male
    Personality: curious ◆ unsociable ◆ tolerant ◆ loyal ◆ tidy

    As a companion, Lorenz is loyal to Ein - but he cares little for strangers or anyone who cannot show respect, particularly to her. He's easily distracted and always manages to find ways to occupy himself. Most of the time he is quiet and gentle company, particularly when she needs to study. A little bit nosy, he enjoys perching on her shoulder and watching her work.

    Tried out for Quidditch team Keeper in her third year, but was better suited to being a Chaser. Her brother is better at keeping (when at home, they practice together.)

    Finds Herbology and Potions the most enjoyable subject-wise, but Transfiguration is her best grade.

    Enjoys dancing as a hobby and can sometimes be caught skipping outside when she thinks no one's watching...

    Finds it particularly hard to be in a space that's very crowded or cramped, chronic headaches brought on by stress

r e l a t i o n s

    ◆ (easily attached and impressionable :iconmingwhatdoplz: - more thought goes out toward those she consciously treasures. Fond of everyone she's encountered I'll update this later)

    Necalli Ocelotl - Although a little stiff when it comes to both words and actions, she nonetheless enjoys his company and finds his consideration endearing. He doesn't have the easiest time expressing his thoughts - it's hard not to smile at some of his and Ritan's antics, honestly he's hardly as standoffish as some might think --
    ("I wonder - if he has trouble... speaking to others?")

    Ritan Belkeny - An honest and cheerful boy, he's amiable toward others without a second thought - Ein admires his ability to lift the mood without any great effort, although she still frets after all his accidents! He's still growing, still learning - a very sweet boy.
    ("I saw those sweets and - thought he might like them, small tokens seem to really make his day ...")

    Artemis Eisler - Someone who's opened his arms to her and offers kind support - mutually finding some comfort with eachother, Ein reminding him of a home away from home. Doesn't hesitate to greet her at any given time or place --
    ("He's very strong - and knows it, but I do wish he would take better care of himself...?")

    Pierre Rosier - kindly wifebeater It soon became apparent that his disinclined expression and sarcastic words overlayed a much kinder disposition - he seems terribly burdened. She thinks fondly of him........ in theory and wishes that there was something more she could do for him, suspecting that he's being brave for whatever reason -- he's been very good to her, really.
    ("Ever since that one time, I've been so mindful of the things he says... is everything alright?")

    Zachary Floydd - Amiable toward others, although more outspoken than she's comfortable (with a tendency to sneak up on her). His presence is welcomed, consideration and occasional gentlemanly endeavour much appreciated... he's done more for her than she'd ever have envisioned, and it's not at all difficult to coax a smile out of the boy - usually.
    ("I just couldn't ask for anything more from him.")

    Alice Barry - A lovely classmate and sweet friend -- for the most part she is polite and earnest, a supportive and gentle person. Easily worried and fretful to the point where it's concerning - she hopes Alice won't ruin her health --
    ("Alice worries so much for everyone else, but I ...")

    Marie Sexton - She seems almost flighty in her words and actions, someone who always stands out in a crowd. Although sometimes she finds Marie's personality a little too conspicuous for her liking (it's ... so difficult to be the center of attention) - the girl is so open and enthusiastic, it's hard not to like her.
    ("She seems the type to get into mischief -- but as long as it's in good fun....")

    Dimitri Leshchyov - One of the first people to approach her - he's playful and easygoing, someone she looks to for advice or ... a comforting presence, although she senses that he keeps people at a further distance than he realises. After what's happened, she can't quite bring herself to bridge the distance (if she were able to bring cheer to his face ...
    ("I'm so sorry about what happened at the greenhouse - I really did enjoy being there ...!")

    Tristan Llewellyn - Another tall figure who comes off as rather prickly to many - no-nonsense and introspective, he's been quite sweet to her. He's not as distant as she first expected, although it does little to change his "cool guy" image --
    ("I wonder if he tries to deter people on purpose...?")

    Logan Doherty - A confident figure who seems to know himself through and through -- she admires his sense of strength, earnest yet laid-back through even small endeavours (cue skipping stones) -- she wonders if she might ever impress the boy, someday. Please don't try to remove your freckles anymore.
    ("Your freckles are a part of you...! They suit you....")

    Daniel Hyland - A sweet, soft-spoken boy with an affinity for books and learning -- a little shy compared to most (but his sincerity is quite cute), following her around much like a duckling.
    ("Is he ... making many friends? How is his sister?")

    Nicole Hyland - Enthusiastic but unexpectedly reserved in many ways - Ein finds her knack for getting up to mischief both worrying and admirable (she's so energetic...!) However her kindness really does shine through --
    ("Her frog is quite the charmer really, he's -- always willing to listen...")

    Welner Gainer - A little steely - bordering unsavoury - at times, she wonders what it is she could do to remedy her behaviour around him (what is it, really, that he finds so distasteful about her?) but at others, feels that she's in rather safe hands. But, why?
    ("You say that, but - ... I'm not sure I believe it...")

    Quinn Thornsbeak - Someone who she feels she's wronged on many an occasion, although anyone else might tell a different story -- acutely aware of his apparent hate for her, she isn't sure how to approach him again. If there was ever a chance for her to make it up to him, perhaps --
    ("I'm sorry, I never meant to - ...")

    Nathaniel Osborn - A rather deadpan but kindhearted soul -- she finds herself turning to him when in need of perhaps not an ear but a shoulder, the ever reliable natey tree. Although he doesn't show it well, she knows he's quite the caring person (and perhaps the owner of a rather quirky laugh
    ("Have you eaten today? ... Let's have something to eat?")

    Paris King - A girl with an affinity for unexpectedly creepy things, she's warmer than she might appear - particularly with something creepy crawly in her hands (to love spiders is perhaps a little... beyond Ein's capacity at the moment -)
    ("Don't get ... too close to the forest, it's not safe -")

    Hamish Mathieson - A kindly Hufflepuff with a tendency to stutter and a very sweet hedgehog. Much stronger a person than he appears at first sight -- and infinitely kind.
    ("Maverick is so lovely - it's hard to believe that she's not friendly...")

    Oliveria Rulstein - There's no one better to have a cup of tea with at the end of a long day -- Olive's a wonderful presence to have around, rather she couldn't imagine the Hufflepuff common room without her there o<-<
    ("Have you had a good day today?")

    Karl Von Fritz - A reckless flyer...! Goodness, who taught him how to fly? Although at first he gave her a fright, he was actually quite kind to her. It seems like he enjoys puns ...? Jokes? Although not the most clever or creative, bringing a smile to his face would be a good feeling -
    ("Please be careful when you're on a broomstick - someone (you) could get seriously hurt...")

    Ada Norwich - Really frightening. So frightening. It's difficult to even pinpoint why she's so frightening. Ada seems to be the kind of person Ein could never become -- manipulative, ruthless -- and she feels terribly mindful of her, even though she doesn't seem like a bad person....
    ("........... (Logan, I'm so sorry -)")

    Spinel Rookstone - This pumpkin loving tsunface -- a friendly (or maybe just a little bit stern) figure she comes across now and then, she sometimes saves him the odd pumpkin juice or pasty so that she can see the rare bit of joy cross his face -
    ("I thought you might like this ...!")

    Eridanus Csaszar - Cutiest koupai everyone else go home -- Eri's sweet and cute and other wonderful things thanks for sticking around to help a senp out !11 quality comment she's 1325423 kinds of lovely
    ("Thank you for all your help...!")

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