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November 11, 2013
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MAGE: Darcy by yukihomu MAGE: Darcy by yukihomu
gross but it's something
    :icondarcytplz: Hello there, I'm Darcy.

    You'll find a clearer reference here! If you're curious, please take a look.

    Name: Darcy Kane Teodoro
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9"
    Mage Type: Forbidden
    Mage Item: Leather Gloves (well, fingerless leather driving gloves)
    Weapon: Gauntlets

    He uses gravity manipulation, powerful magic that is mostly used to aid in battle.
    When fighting with no activated skills he is able to parry/redirect physical attacks to some extent, exhausting the opponent's stamina.

    Stats: Power: 26 || Potential: 10 || Magic: 66 || Speed: 27
    (+2) || Luck: 6

               cielo obscura [ Normal ]
    Forces a point of artificial gravity on a single targeted enemy.

    >> close range, delay
    When within range (5ft) his gauntlets can increase the gravity on an opponent for a few seconds upon contact, making them feel heavier and stalling their movements. Can also be used to redirect weak projectiles.

               engravitas [ Special ]
    Increasing both power and magic stats [+10] for up to 5 minutes, creating a sphere of gravity to pin the enemy and crush them - an attack that forces a 10ft wide crater in the ground. He must be within a 4ft radius of the enemy to execute it.

    The attack will put intense pressure on his system, breaking bones. If he is within range it may do worse damage to his body. He is unable to attack for the remainder of his transformation time.
    **He cannot use this special when in mage form until he recovers.


    + some degree of secrecy
    – ??


    Normally a private person, he isn't above manipulating others for the sake of self-preservation. He prefers to read others' motives/intentions first, straying away from believing in the greater good - but is somewhat fond of those who can.

    Poorly timed encounters may expose you to the odd volatile mood swing or outburst, but generally speaking he is level-headed and fairly thoughtful.

    He is also more likely to withhold information than lie.


    - Voice: Kondo Takashi [2:17-2:58]

    - Smarter than the average handyman, he carries tools with him.
    - Teodoro (tay-oh-door-oh) -- "gift from god" ((hgfh
    - His only friend is a nice English Shepherd He seems to like dogs.
    You may hear him refer to acts of generosity as "paying it forward".

    ok back to your regularly scheduled fyr'st fun
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EternityCheck Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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darcy is name of girl :lol: 
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btw this voice fits him so well!Momo Kisaragi-04 (Happy Blush) [V7] 
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Maybe this is crazy to say, but this is quite possibly my favorite piece of art on DeviantART.
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OMG. This. Is. Incredible. PLEASE keep making art, I love it!
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