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VT: Carrier Kaye-Galant by yukihomu VT: Carrier Kaye-Galant by yukihomu

also known as carrybags the guy who spends a lot of time in the stables

Name: Carrier Kaye-Galant
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Country: Ragnelia
Element: Fire, Poison (primary) [Dragon: Phantom/??]
Faction: Erius Knights
Rank: Rider (equivalent)
STR: 90 / MAG: 200+5 / VIT: 35 / SPD: 95 / SPE: 30 /
Weapon: Long Sword
Vessel: Deo - A quiet beast with whom Carrier spends much of his time outside teaching with. It seems that Deo chooses to keep a healthy distance from most electric dragons in particular, but much of the time the creature will not be found in her quarters at all.
Carrier calls to her using a special whistle at his neck.

Currently the resident Head of Dragon Care, all lessons on the subject are with him as tutor. He wields a long sword and seems to have considerable prowess as a magician.


A bit of a sly gentleman with a perpetually pacified countenance. He is an almost feminine, poised and spoken person, knowledgeable on not only his subject of tutelage but of various mysterious magics and alchemy. Someone who finds pleasure in simpler things, he will often be found marvelling at the smoothness of a dragon's scales or the colour of the sky, taking many a moment to appreciate life around him and hoping to share that appreciation for life with his students. He is a kind yet disciplined teacher, sharing as much of his knowledge with others as he can - but he keeps a very firm hold on more personal information.

Carrier prefers to present himself in the image of a humble teacher who has abilities as a fire adept - he claims to stay out of battle in favour of taking care of the resident dragons, but he seems to be capable of much more than just that - if confronted about this in front of the lower ranks however, he will generally deny it.

He also has a colder streak that surfaces sporadically. Despite often attempting a more sunny demeanour (especially for lessons), it often crumbles to give way to an irritable or empathetic interior especially in the face of overconfidence or stupidity from his students. The type of person who believes that lessons are still best learned personally, for all his knowledge and ability he will not hesitate to use force to instill those lessons in any way he deems fit - as long as it does not touch on anything deathly. Even though in some areas he may be a tad unforgiving, Carrier will do anything within his power to prevent the death of another especially one of his beloved dragons, or pupils.

Before real friendship comes his role as a teacher and guide to Arcana and its residents. He is perhaps more open to dragons than he is humans, as no one has ever seen him come closer to anyone other than his dragon, Deo. Extremely mindful of (all dragons) people in higher ranks, he is careful to show them utmost respect.


Carrier was born as the only child to an middle-low class couple, both of whom brought in a low income for the household. They did not spoil him nor were they able to, but Carrier enjoyed small pleasures even as a child and wanted for little, so the family scraped by without too much issue. As a child he was a rather bright boy in school who found pride in excelling in his studies and also having budding abilities as a fire adept. He was (and is still) an avid reader seemed to receive knowledge hungrily, always finding time to sit down with a book.

Realising that he had potential to be a smith or perhaps even join the military, his parents did their best to invest their extra money in helping him to get a better grip on his magic, but not wanting to be such a burden on them Carrier took a job at a local bookstore to fund his own magical growth and knowledge. He naturally found a mine of knowledge and information in there alone and spent much of his pay purchasing from that very store, absorbing things quickly from books and scrolls. His time spent taking in magical lore and reading about dragons made him lean towards joining the Knights, finding reading about rare and mythical dragons much more fun and interesting than learning how to utilize his abilities as a fire adept for smithing or craft.

He joined the Erius Knights at the enthusiastic age of eighteen. Books and youthful zeal were enough to pull him through training as a cadet, but he wanted desperately to find a rare dragon, like the dragons he had so read about when he was younger - but he was too eager and all the more naive for it.

In haste to gain himself a rare and powerful dragon, he and three other cadets were transported into none other than a plane in the afterlife. Wonderful, he thought - now he could find himself a phantom dragon, tales of which he had only read in folklore. They were soon met with a phantom dragon and its rider, both of whom attacked the outmatched cadets immediately. [OMITTED] The dragon raged violently over the loss of its rider and proceeded to slay each one of the other cadets before Carrier was eventually able to "catch" it. Seriously injured, he had to be bailed out by the archknight who later retrieved him and his new dragon both and returned them to Arcana.

He feels a heavy regret for being the only one left alive after that incident, learning to value the lives of those around him and the consequences of cockiness and biting off more than one can chew. He keeps the scar on his neck as a physical reminder of the day, but will not speak about it even if prompted. Carrier likewise discourages cadets to seek out phantom dragons, simply due to his own rather harrowing experience. His bond with Deo however is well forged despite this, taking it as a indication for him to treat her better, learning to both fear and revere all dragons.

He has been appointed Head of Dragon Care for the past two years for his abilities in taking care of not only his own dragon, but those belonging to others in the stables as well - showing excellence at retaining knowledge on them and dealing with their behaviour.
Due to other circumstances however, he is forbidden from rising any higher than rider rank.

Extra Info:

- Knights of higher ranks and fellow rider Hollen Silenius are aware of his adept abilities with poison.
- Left-handed.
- Holly-chan often comes to him for poison samples and other advice, he likewise uses her to support or assist him whenever he is required to use it. She regards him as someone of a higher rank due to his role as a teacher.
- Wears reading glasses.
- His skin (and hair/eyes) are a sickly pallor - the colour seems to have faded from them over his years in service. :iconmysteryplz:

- He has a tendency to stray away from most combat, however there is the odd occasion where you will find him training.


"Joyeut" - ??

"Meia Forta" - ??

"Nnukhivet Mortis" - ??

:iconmysteryplz: ???? basically
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