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VT: Hollen by yukihomu VT: Hollen by yukihomu

Rider-chan for Erius Knights side ;;; forgive unquality I'll come back to it

Name: Hollen Silenius
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Country: Melruun
Element: Water
Faction: Erius Knights
Rank: Rider (NPC)
STR 85 / MAG 80 (+5) / VIT 20 / SPD 210 / SPE 10
Weapon: (Poison imbue) Rapier - a light weapon that is most suitable for her quick, nimble style of fighting. It is much sturdier than it appears at first glance, and is imbued with her own dragon's poison.
In the guard she stores poison pellets and a special antidote she developed especially to combat her dragon's poison. It is of limited use, but she keeps stores in her room.

Vessel: Toxic Dragon (Aeolus)

Her trusty mount and sidekick, Hollen has fashioned a gas mask that stores and compresses the toxic gases he breathes into condensed poison supplies that she uses to imbue her rapier with; the little mask also allows him to come into contact with other dragons that might otherwise be affected by his poison. The poison that comes from his sweat and tears is likewise stored and kept to use for medicinal or battle purposes.

He is an obedient and calm beast, matching Hollen's expertise in jobs such as reconnaissance that require a very careful or silent approach. Due to Aeolus' nature as a toxic dragon he resides in a stone stable that is further from the other dragons, easily missed if you are not looking for it.

Expertise: Although she is very quick and agile in combat, Hollen's speciality is, in a word, reconnaissance. With quick observational skills and an excellent memory, she is apt at gathering information and relaying it to her group members. With her speed and also a comparatively smaller dragon, she is also more likely to escape capture which makes her the best candidate for tasks stretching into dangerous territory.

stubborn | placid | hard-working | tactful | duty-bound | reticent | intelligent | perseverant

Hollen is generally a reserved and quiet person, choosing to keep to herself and remain silent behind her rather intimidating looking gas-mask. While she is not unfriendly or uncaring, her lack of empathetic words often lead people to believe so. If by some chance you manage to befriend her when she is going about her daily duties, you will find that she is actually quite a reliable and loyal companion.

A creature of habit, almost idiosyncratically so. She enjoys doing things with meticulous accuracy and precision, or just being very economical in her organisation. Most of her facial expressions are very mild and miniscule, and can be difficult to pick up on if you are not adjusted to her restrained manner of expression.


Raised in a more secluded area of Melruun, Hollen's father worked as a water purifier who often worked in the more polluted marshes and swamps which were blocked away from the main lake. His speciality was removing the toxins that had found their way into the water supplies and closing them off from the main, bigger bodies of water, or removing the toxic waste altogether. She would often tag along with him and assist in his work if she could, developing her modest abilities as a water adept to learn and sort poisons from pure water.

Having suffered from asthma from a young age, Hollen became adjusted to wearing a gas mask when travelling with her father for work. Even in less polluted areas she would find herself susceptible to asthma attacks and so ended up wearing it constantly, never quite allowing her lungs to strengthen. Together with her father they lived in a small house together at the edge of a modest riverbank near the main waters, but often spent time travelling due to the nature of her father's work. Often spending her time in an area further from the general populus, she would have brief encounters with water dragons that stopped near the worksites -- although it was just fleeting, brief sightings as a child she became fascinated with dragons and wished to have closer encounters with the creatures.

As she grew older and their roles reversed in work, Hollen would take to the deep forests to explore in her free time. When she was eighteen she came across an extremely poisonous swampland, separated from other bodies of water by resilient foliage and worn boulders. Had she been there without a gas mask, she would have surely perished within minutes - but she could have sworn that there were creatures, real, living creatures, inside this deathland. Venturing further, she came across a small clan of what seemed to be toxic water dragons, a seemingly mutated group who were able to survive in these conditions. Instead of the pure water normal dragons expelled, these almost beautifully discoloured beasts spat a corrosive acid. Rather than breathing a clean steam they seemed to exude a deathly poisonous gas - but they were fascinating, like nothing she had ever encountered before. Strangely elegant and almost beauteous, they looked like rather delicate creatures together - and yet they were so terrible deadly. The poison in the air was too intense for her to stay for long, but Hollen never forgot her encounter with the toxic dragons. After becoming a Knight her first thought was to return here, where she met her partner as a young hatchling.

A disciplined and hard-working recruit, she steadily made her way through the ranks and was promoted to rider rank last year for her successes in an important reconnaissance mission. Her speed and bond with her dragon were very solid even as a new rider, something others respected and deemed her trustworthy for. Amongst the other riders she honestly feels inadequate, speed being her best (and only) asset. Physically she is not as strong nor is her dragon, but she bases her skills on the vicious poison her partner expels naturally. She sticks very much to her strengths as a speed demon and cleverly utilizes the unique abilities of her toxic dragon in combat to slowly incapacitate enemies if it is necessary.

Extra info:
- Her hobby is poison research, and she is currently seeking a permanent immunity to Aeolus' poison to make their fighting more efficient.
- She has quite serious asthma problems, which is another reason she so adamantly wears a gas mask.
- To constantly keep a good supply of antidote in access, she keeps a list of ingredients with her at all times.
- Naturally an early riser.
- She will also respond to "Holly" and other variations of her name.
- After years of being with her dragon she has developed a slight resistance to his poison, but due to her health she is very wary of keeping her gas mask on around him.
- Hollen rhymes with Colin! :iconcoolplz: I don't know why, but I always feel the need to remind myself...

Skill: poison point
An ability that either takes advantage of the toxins expelled by Aeolus, or uses just her condensed poison supplies alone - like a blanket it forms a tight shroud around her and her rapier to provide a dose of poison when striking. Corrosive to all skin, it is also dangerous to inhale unassisted when nearby. Hollen must have her gas mask on to use this skill or risk being poisoned.

Skill: mimic nordis
Synchronizing her heartbeat with Aeolus', she doubles her speed and increases her resistance to his poison. She gains complete immunity to Aeolus' poison for up to 10 minutes. After this time is up, she must put her gas mask back on or risk being poisoned. There is a 5 minute cooldown after using this skill.

Special: ventheim
Taking Aeolus' poison into her own system she activates her abilities as a water adept to fully circulating a large dose of poison through her veins. Although it is not any less fatal to her the side-effects include doubling her strength and speed but halving her vitality, and reducing her ability to feel pain. She will perish within 10 minutes if she is not able to finish fighting and remove the poison from her blood, but even if she is able to release the skill before 10 minutes has elapsed traces of toxins will remain, burning at her muscle tissue and nervous system to cause her debilitating pain. Recovery would take a full week without assistance.

:iconomgcryplz: >>> u-under construction;; jicket I'm super gomen
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