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Hi! :iconqwertyuiopplz: I am heading to Overload on the 24th.

(will update in gallery later but I brushed up a little on some old prints and added a couple of voltron and mystic messenger things!

4fhy6 by yukihomu
Also - I can't sell acrylic keychains on the day, but I made OC charms! They're not amazing but if you'd like to buy one for pickup at Overload, feel free to ping (NZD $8 each/$15 for both, single sided 2"- pardon the blurry photo! Paypal if that's ok)

45rt7 by yukihomu
(I'm not sure how I feel about selling but I'll put them out there for anyone who'd be keen to have them!
It's been a long time since I was last at Overload - if you would like to pop by, please come say hello! I look pretty unsightly (but I am unsightly every year :iconmagi2plz:
Rfh4 by yukihomu

(I look a bit like this ^, I'm at table A5, the only vertical table aaAa)

A statement real quick just in case you're not in the auckland area/wanted to buy/ask about merchandise--

I won't be selling anything online!

Currently, you can only buy something of mine at Overload. /o\ A last thank you to DustBunnyThumper who has been endlessly helpful in my sad tabling adventures _(:3  J

Thanks for reading, hope to see you kids in a week's time u ///y) !!